The Space Mandala pertains to the knowledge, wisdom, and technology needed to foster right relationships to our selves, to others, to the world, to the Cosmos, and to the Ground of our being. A sense of space, openness, or emptiness is necessary for these relationships to emerge. When we are full of our selves, then there is no room for others. When we are full of concerns about what others think, then the world is too much. When we are full of worldly concerns, then there is no time to wonder about the Cosmos. When we are lost in Cosmic theories and fantasies, then we forget to touch the very Ground of our being. The Way of the Dragon recognizes that the relationship between self, others, world, Cosmos, and Ground arise as the Dragon's play in the great spaciousness of the Tao.

The Dragon is one with the Tao, which is a term from ancient Chinese philosophy that translates into Way. This Way refers to a primordial order -- Nature, which is more than the biospheric web of life; rather, it is the deep order inherent to existence. In Nature, everything exists virtuously, which is to say that everything exists according to its vital principle and in right relationship to everything else. Therefore, the Way (Tao) is about living in the flow of one's own virtuosity -- one's true Nature. This quality of "living in the flow of one's own virtuosity" is the Dragon's play. This is the Way of the Dragon.