The Water Mandala pertains to the knowledge, wisdom, and technology needed to foster right relationship to, and expression of, our sexuality and emotionality in all our relations -- family, friends, lovers, spouses, children, peers, enemies, and environment -- natural or artificial. It is a gate that opens the way to personal power that pertains to the flow of energy within us and around us as the world of sexual and emotional relations, nonverbal communication, and creativity. This includes the performance arts, such as dance and music. The Water Mandala is concerned with sexual and emotional sympathetic intuition, as well.

The second chakra, commonly known as the lower abdomen, is inherent to this mandala. Here the male and female sexual drives combine to generate feelings and emotions that flow through relationships. The goal is to clear this gate so that sexual and emotional energy flows freely between generosity and receptivity. When persons are in harmony with this mandala, they are considerate, open, friendly, and kind, having no trouble sharing emotions and feelings with others -- such persons are happy. However, when persons are out of harmony with this mandala, then they are unsure and unstable in sexual and emotional matters. They have difficulty expressing feelings and suppress natural needs.