The Earth Mandala pertains to knowledge, wisdom, and technology needed to understand, foster and channel the Dragon as it is expressed in the physical world of form and energy. It is a gate that opens upon an inter-disciplinary path that instructs us how to fulfill our physical necessities for survival and our desires for prosperity, progeny, health, and sensual pleasure in an enlightened manner that engenders health and well-being for ourselves and all creatures.

By walking this path, we can transform our physical experience from one of struggle, selfishness, pain, scarcity, and fear to one of purpose, compassion, joy, abundance, and courage. We can begin to understand that our dependency upon the earth is fortuitous, that our basic condition of having to labor for our survival is a blessing rather than a curse, and that our prosperity can be fostered through understanding and living in accord with the laws of physical health and abundance.

It incorporates the first chakra, namely the Root, which is the seat of serpent energy (kundalini). This chakra links the individual with the physical world, giving rise to the experience of Being and the challenge of the acceptance of Being. The Root chakra serves as the foundation to evolve and build the personality. It channels basic energy experienced as self-espression, ambition, consistency, and desire for the security and survival of self and species.

There are several principles that comprise the Earth Mandala: