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Original Mind:
Meditation and eco-psycho-spiritual instruction and practice.

Open to the public. Admission is $10.00.

Time and Place to be announced.

Health, Wisdom, Knowledge, Personal Empowerment and Fulfillment in Harmony with All Life.


There is a way to live that is in harmony with all life. This path is characterized by self-discipline, respect, knowledge, and creativity. Its goals are health, skillfulness, freedom, wisdom, excellence, self-realizaton, and inter-relatedness. Its rewards are joyous wellbeing, beauty, peace, courage, empowerment, and community. It is called the Way of the Dragon.

The Dragon is a mythical archetype that symbolizes the life force (elan vital) that courses between heaven and earth, animating all that is alive. Also, it symbolizes the mastery of living through the wisdom of personal empowerment and alignment with Nature. If properly understood and harnessed, it glorifies all.

This site is a gateway to information, classes and workshops about the Way of the Dragon, which is both a spiritual practice and a cultural vision. Classes in meditation, tantra, shamanic practice are offered as well as workshops in permaculture, sustainable technologies, and more.

We can live as empowered, creative, and gracious men and women with healthy bodies, noble hearts and enlightened minds. We can create culture that is empowering, creative, gracious, healthy, noble, enlightened, and beautiful as well. This is the Way of the Dragon.

The Great Mandala

Essentially, a mandala represents an all-encompassing space wherein the self-existing energies of life are integrated. Our souls are mandalas because each soul is a holistic integration of various kinds of energy expressed as Embodiment, Emotion, Will, Heart, Creativity, Mind, Spirit, and Space. The process of integration is symbolized by the play of the Dragon, which weaves the energies of our lives together in a dance of being, becoming and destruction.

Below are eight links to pages about eight general categories of principles that correllate to the eight fundamental qualities of the human soul already noted. These categories are represented by the iconic elements: Earth, Water, Iron (representing metals), Fire, Wind, Air, Light and Space. Each category is a mandala in itself, presenting the kind of knowledge and wisdom needed to foster enlightened health and growth with regard to the eight qualities of our nature. Taken together, these mandalas describe the character and culture of the great mandala, known as the Way of the Dragon.


The Earth Mandala presents wisdom, knowledge, practices, and technologies that pertain to fulfilling our physical necessities for survival and our desires for physical prosperity, progeny, health, and sensual pleasure in an enlightened manner. We can transform our physical experience from one of struggle, selfishness, pain, and fear to one of compassion, mutuality, pleasure, and courage by understanding and living in accord with the laws of physical health and abundance. The guiding enlightened principle of the Earth Mandala is that our way of living should engender health and well-being for ourselves and all creatures.


The Water Mandala pertains to the flow of energy within us and around us as well as the world of emotional and sexual relations and nonverbal communication, including the performance arts that express passion and feelings rather than ideas, such as dance and music. It is concerned with sexual and emotional health and intelligence as well as sympathetic intuition. It pertains to our emotive relations -- family, friends, lovers, spouses, children, professional peers, and enemies. This mandala is the seat of serpent energy (kundalini).


The Iron Mandala pertains to the world of volition and will power, which is characterized by the Iron Horse. The knowledge and wisdom governing this mandala pertains to right use of our intent, will and power.


The Fire Mandala pertains to the world of the Heart--mediator of Earth and Heaven. From out of the Heart bursts the all-consuming, alchemical fire of loving compassion that transforms fear into courage, judgement into understanding, hatred into charity, ugliness into beauty, and lack into abundance. This mandala represents the seat of the soul.


The Wind Mandala pertains to the world of creative expression and communication; hence, it regards the theatrical arts, literature, social intercourse, the oratory and expressive arts and artistic culture in general, as well as the act of rendering scientific knowledge into useful technology. Energetically, it is the wisdom, knowledge, and technology of creative process. The guiding wisdom of this mandala is creativity, honesty, integrity and diligence.


The Air Mandala pertains to the world of thought; hence, it regards philosophy, political theory, law, scholarship, intellectual development and progress, the sciences, and intellectual culture in general. Energetically, it presents as intellectual prowess and vision. The guiding wisdom of this gate is rigor, impartialiaty, inquiry, and integrity.


The Light Mandala pertains to the world of inner vision (intuition) and spiritual knowledge. It regards the phenomena of myth, wholistic vision, mysticism, spirituality, true religion, as well as the magical occult powers and technologies. It is the domain of spiritual transformation and growth, of discerning wisdom (prajna) and transpersonal ways of knowing. The guiding wisdom of this gate is understanding the ways and nature of all things directly through experiencing the suchness of being and honing spiritual mastery.


The Space Mandala pertains to our sense of place and relationship to the world and universe that surrounds and includes us. As the Dragon awakens within us, we begin to increasingly understand and identify our relationship to the whole of life as the whole of life. The world in all of its diversity and strangeness becomes unified in experience as self and home. Eventually, the Dragon is fully realized in the dissolution and emancipation from any self identity. One is.

*** Featured Visionary ***

Brian Swimme: The New Cosmology

Brian Swimme is a dragon, and he sees the unfolding of the Cosmos as sacred story. In his vision of a New Cosmology, Brian reflects upon where we came from, where we are, and where we could go. He talks about the attitudes we need to cultivate as persons and cultures to insure as best we can that the journey forward is sustainable and honors all life as sacred. Embracing some form of this new cosmological story is absolutely critical to our maturity as human beings because the religious cosmological myths of the past, which are not without wisdom, are based upon worldviews that are largely obsolete. We need a new vision of who we are and where we are going that takes into account the vast complexity of our understanding of ourselves, our world, and the universe as discovery and insight progresses. The Way of the Dragon is as essential to the new cosmology as it was the old, eternally revealing spiritual wisdom throughout the ages.

Enjoy the journey!


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