The Light Mandala pertains to the world of inner vision (intuition) and spiritual knowledge. It regards the phenomena of myth, wholistic vision, mysticism, spirituality, true religion, as well as the magical occult powers and technologies. It is the domain of spiritual transformation and growth, of discerning wisdom (prajna) and transpersonal ways of knowing. The guiding wisdom of this gate is understanding the ways and nature of all things directly through experiencing the suchness of being and honing spiritual mastery.

Conversations with Teachers of Spiritual Enlightenment

The following is a list of links to conversations between Bill Harris and leaders in the spiritual field who are engaged with helping people awaken to the eternal present moment--what Eckart Tolle calls the "NOW".

These talks were provided to the the world by Bill Harris, the director of Centerpointe Research Institute, and creator of Holosync audio therapy and meditation support technology.